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Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management Services Orlando, FL

We provide services to property owners which include property maintenance and compliance, retail vacancy marketing, and tenant placement so you can take care of your commercial property and tenants without any worry. We also offer services such as rent collection, accounting, and other commercial rental property services. To make life easier, we provide on-call property managers, and well as web-based portals for property owners and tenants so you can always contact us when you have any concerns. Be sure to contact us in order to find out how else we can help you.

Your commercial property’s management is important to us, and our three goals to for you is to maximize profitability, while you are keeping operating expenses low without worrying about sacrificing the satisfaction of your tenants. We also will do what we can to build value by protecting your investment.

Orlando, Florida Retail


The fact of the matter is that property owners can easily neglect the needs of their property due to the fact that they can become so overwhelmed by taking on too many responsibilities. Therefore, the management of their retail operations ends up being run poorly. However, because we provide professional retail management services to help property owners- this allows them to manage the needs of the property well, so it retains its value and future marketability.
Orlando, Florida Offices


CFLRG provides property managers that can help owners of executive office suites handle common issues they face such as tenant management, the collection of rent, accounting, collections, and evictions. We also provide services that help owners resolve problems that pertain to the property, as well as management and common maintenance. Our location is in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

Orlando, Florida Industrial


The requirements to manage a regular office or a retail property are extremely strict, and the industrial property management professionals from CFLRG will make sure you are getting the most out of your industrial property. Our management comes with many requirements that go beyond of what is required for a typical office or retail property lease, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to successfully meet those requirements. By using our services, we will ensure that you do.

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CFLRG has a strong focus on sustainability, and we use the best practices. Since the beginning, we have employed policies and procedures that meet industry recognized standards.

Our professional management team has plenty of experience in implementing sustainability strategies, insight and we have a sound track record of high performance.

We also want to add that the accounting team at CFLRG works directly with clients, property managers, by lending their expertise in developing asset plans, as well as proactively managing assets to maximize ROI on a regular basis.

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