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Ask us about the no money down option on new homes!

Are you dreaming of having your own new home? Are you feeling tired of renting and taking care of the house or a flat that does not belong to you? If you are ready for this big step in your life, you came to the right place.

As you may well know renting does not actually pay off. You are pouring your hard-earned money month after month in a bottomless pit and at the end; you are still left without your own home.

Below are some facts that will undoubtedly convince you that buying a new home is the right decision to make.

  1. In the long run, renting is more expensive than buying a new home.
  2. When you are paying the mortgage, you build up equity. Your money stays with you in a form of a house. Your wealth finally belongs to you.
  3. Renting costs increase every year while mortgage rate remains about the same until the whole payment process is completed.
  4. If you own a house, you can expect a number of tax deductions such as the mortgage interest deduction and the private mortgage insurance; which is not the case if you are a tenant.
  5. Your house-your rules! You will have the privacy you always needed and you can manage and decorate your home the way you always wanted.

Experienced Real Estate Agents

After you decide to buy a house, you will need someone with expertise to help you choose the right one. We are here to help you in your process of selecting the right builder and home for your family needs and budget. Our real estate agents with years of experience can help you with any dilemma or an issue that you may have. Your every question will be answered.


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Jesette Iturrino

Welcome to my page   Jesette Iturrino,  REALTOR® is a second-generation REALTOR® who ...
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Yvette Iturrino

REALTOR® | Commercial RE Sales, Leasing & Property Mgr | Licensed Real Estate Broker
Yvette Iturrino moved to Orlando Florida in 1998, where she and her husband successfully o ...


We are cooperating with top national builders which have proved their efficiency and professionalism over the years. The goal of our new home builders is to meet your unique needs concerning every aspect of your new home: costs, construction, room arrangement, neighborhood, etc.

Also, our new home builders are offering many benefits to people who are determined to buy their own house.

Some of the great benefits of our new home builders among others include:

  • Builders Contribution to Closing Cost if you use their lender
  • With home prices starting in the low $200’s

And more…

Let us help you to accomplish your dream of buying a perfect home for you and your family!

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