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Rent Collection

Rent Collection Services Orlando, FL

You want to make sure that your property manager has everything handled

When you invest in real estate, the last thing you want to worry about is your property manager. At Central FL Realty Group, we exceed the industry standard by always seeking out the best tenants for each renter and working hard to ensure that rent is collected on time each month.

Having managed the Central Florida markets for years, we have become experts at the rental game. At Central FL Realty Group, we utilize top-of-the-line industry technologies to streamline the rent collection process and take the pressure off you. Long gone are the days of hunting down your tenants for a sloppily handwritten check.

With Central FL Realty Group’s online rent collection system, we can send email reminders to your tenants that rent day is coming up. Tenants can access a copy of their lease online at any time, in PDF or Word Document format. Tenants can link their bank to our online system to pay their rent directly at the end of each month. Tenants can even automate their payments to be paid at the same date and time each month! They will be able to keep track of their month-to-month payments, ensuring their lease will be paid in full by the end of the year.

Our agents stay attentive so you, the property owner, don’t have to. We will call or email your tenant within a week of payment if they wish to be reminded. If the payment isn’t paid on time, we will be in direct contact with both the owner and the tenant, to ensure that all problems are fixed as quickly as possible.

We know you might live elsewhere while owning property here, so we offer a video chat service as well, for facilitating virtual meetings between property owner and tenant. No matter what happens, you can trust that the professionals at Central FL Realty Group will work diligently to ensure that tenants pay on time and property owners receive that payment with as few problems as possible.

You can relax and live your life, while collecting the maximum return on your investment.

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